A friend of mine originally created this webpage around 1997, I still have the car but I'm too lazy to build another webpage for it. Besides changing the oil and regular maintenance I have not modified the engine since 1998 or the car since early 2000*. Grad school and work had a lot to do with that - but at the same time since I was no longer adding modifications it ran perfect and required no tinkering. It is nice having 500+hp with no troubles!

Now that I think about it, I have had a set of 50# (MSD 2013) injectors with a matching 80mm Pro-M MAF sensor just sitting on my shelf since I last modified the car... humm....

*In early 2008 I finally put together a full list of modifications, scroll to the bottom of this page for the list and newer pictures.

January 1, 2009 @ 77,444 original miles - VIN: 1FABP41E9KF221463
The day I thought would never come - I sold my beloved Mustang as part of the "consolidation program" when I got married so we could concentrate on one play car instead of 3. I already miss it... the noise... the torque... almost 20 years of memories... I had been battling the idea of selling it for several months as it just does not get the attention it deserves. What a way to end 2008. The new owner (a fellow Texan) loves it to death, has a lot of plans, and promised to send pictures which I might just post here!


see erics other toys!


Eric's 89 LX

This is Eric's car - he bought it back in 1989 with just 9700 miles on the clock. He has had a blower since 1993 - before it was cool to have one. The car's all black scheme makes it look just plain scary on the street when you combine the sound and the view of the nice anodized red Cartech pump hanging beneath the bumper.

Eric has a hard life compared to mine. He just can't find a race anymore with that pump hanging down. Everyone is running scared. If you think the pump setup is overkill, think again. His EGT gauge shot through the roof without it at his power level. He would love to hide the pump but way it has to function also requires you mount it as low as possible thus making it visible. His 124.58 mph and 505 rear wheel horsepower has come with no extra computers, chips, or suspension, just good tuning and "driving". At the time he had none of the required safety equipment and would get kicked out after one run - Eric should be knocking on the 10 second door! I credit my level of performance to this car. I would probably be in the bolt on crowd if I wouldn't have met him in '93.

Engine Mods

  • 75,000+ mile short block
  • cobra intake
  • 70 mm tb
  • 75 mm bullet maf
  • e-303 cam
  • tfs tw heads
  • vortech 13lb s-trim (2.65" pulley)
  • 1 5/8 mac headers w/2 1/2" exhaust
  • 30lb injectors w/-8 fuel system
  • 11.43@124.58 1.70 60' 3350lbs w/driver mph shows should be 10sec capable
  • 505.8 hp, 483.8 ft/lbs torque measured at rear wheels w/93 octane pump gas
Eric's Multimedia  

Eric Hedstrom’s 1989 Mustang 5.0 LX - List of modifications

Full original GT level interior - tilt steering wheel, power windows, power mirrors, power locks, power lumbar seats, cruse control (can do burnout at push of a button -ha!) 140mph speedometer, power fuel door and hatch release in glovebox)
Roll Bar – Fully welded 8-point NHRA legal chrome molly, mandrel bent, crossed in rear, w/harness mount, <1/4” between bar and interior. Custom made by Joe Smith Race Cars, which I then primed and painted metallic black
Saleen race 2-gauge mounting bracket w/adjustable vents, mounted in center A/C vent (with fuel pressure and EGT gauges)
AutoMeter 2-1/2” cup mount (for boost gauge)
AutoMeter Pro-Comp, 2-1/2” EGT Gauge
AutoMeter Pro-Comp, 2-1/2” liquid filed fuel pressure gauge, with isolator
AutoMeter Sport-Comp, 2-1/2” boost gauge (mounted on driver’s door)
MSD Shift light w/6000 RPM chip (mounted under boost gauge)
Driver's side dead petal
Alpine 6056ED door speakers and dash tweeters
Pioneer 6x9 3-way speakers in rear
Pioneer Supertuner III radio/cassette, pullout w/amp
Alarm with shock sensor and remote pager
Window tint – 20% on sides, 5% on back
Rear mount battery kit
Optima ‘yellow top’ deep cycle battery

Vortech S-Trim Supercharger, 2.95” 8 rib pulley running @ 13psi
TFS Twisted Wedge Aluminum heads, 3/8” rocker stud mounts and cut for o-ring gaskets. Ported and polished w/3 angle valve job by Ken Barr
Ford Motorsport Cobra upper and lower intake, extrude honed and port matched to 70mm throttle body and large port TFS TW heads
Ford Motorsport E-303 Camshaft
Lunati 1.6 aluminum full roller adjustable rocker arms
BBK 70mm Throttle Body
BBK 70mm EGR Spacer
Mobil-1 10w30 Full synthetic since 1992
Vortech bypass valve
Oil cooler with stainless braided lines
High Volume oil pump
3-core radiator
Ford Motorsport Police Silicone hose set
180deg thermostat
ARP head bolts
ARP 3/8” rocker studs
Any gasket removed was replaced with Fel-pro equivalent
Magnetic oil drain plugs (2)
K&N 12” conical air filter
All accessories (A/C, smog pump, power steering)

MSD 6AL 6420 Ignition with soft touch rev limiter – w/6200 RPM chip
MSD/Vortech boost adjustable ignition retard module w/in car control
MSD Blaster 2 Coil
MSD Plug Wires
MSD noise capacitor

Borg Warner T-5 ‘Z’ code 5-speed manual transmission w/2.95 1st gear, w/Red Line synthetic MTL
Hurst short throw shifter, with adjustable stops
Accufab aluminum adjustable clutch quadrant and cable
RAM 905S dual friction clutch
RAM pressure plate
Ford Motorsport 3.55 ring and pinion
Mosure 31-spline axels
Auburn differential w/Red Line synthetic oil
Ford Motorsport axle girdle diff cover

MAC 1-5/8” equal length mandrel bent headers with ARP bolts and locking washers
Full header to tailpipe 2-1/2” true dual mandrel bent exhaust
2-1/2” off-road H-pipe
Hi flow 2-1/2” catalytic converters welded on 2-1/2” H-Pipe (not installed at this time)
Flowmaster 2-1/2” mufflers
2-1/2” stainless steel muffler-back pipes (looks stock)

Kenny Brown chrome 3 point strut tower brace
Kenny Brown chrome 4 point K-member brace
Kenny Brown subframe connectors
Ford Motorsport Fox body driveshaft loop

Steeda 16”x8” black mesh wheels, w/locking wheel nuts, mounted with 245/50-16 BFGs in front, and 255/50-16 BFG Drag Radials in rear
Steeda aluminum brake caliper sleeves
Performance Friction front brake pads
Kevlar rear brake shoes
Mobil-1 synthetic brake fluid

Fuel System
CarTech Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump and filter (90 gph @ 45 psi)
Stainless braided -8 (1/2") feed and -6 (3/8") return fuel lines
CarTech –8 (1/2”) in tank fuel pickup
CarTech Adjustable FMU, with –8 fittings, fully adjustable for rate of gain well as onset of gain
Paxton bullet aluminum fuel rail mounted Adj fuel pressure regulator
30lb/hr Ford Motorsport fuel injectors


Almost 20 Years Later

Still as shiny as the day I brought it home in 1989


Driver's Side / Rear

Driver's side/rear



Front and Back


Passenger's Side / Rear

Passenger's side/rear


Passenger's Side

Passenger's side


Looking Through Hatchback

Looking through hatchback





Rear Seat

Rear seat


Dashboard Closeup



Interior Passenger's Side

Passenger side


Interior Driver's Side

Driver side interior


Interior at night

Views of the interior at night



Engine 505rwhp - besides fluid and spark plug changes, untouched since 1998 (and only driven 500 miles)!


5 Years Of Ownership

same pic as misc. pics #1




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