Multimedia Files featuring various BMW ///M3s:
The day I got it home (passenger side)
The day I got it home (front / passenger side)
The day I got it home (top / front)
The day I got it home (rear / passenger side)
After window tinting (rear / driver side)
Inside (closer)
Steering wheel / Dashboard
Engine Compartment
My Toys
Michelin Pilot Sport - This tire was standard on the ///M3 almost a year before it was available to the public. These tires are amazing! They are the best street tire I have ever owned, and at $270 a tire, it will be the last time I ever own an amazing tire!
Yokohama AVS Sport - Slightly less expensive, same treadwear as previous tires, slightly less dry grip but still excellent.
Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD07 - I got an unbelievable deal on these (almost 1/2 the normal cost, which is 65% cheaper than my previous tires!). I think these are overall the best I have ever owned so far. Dry traction is awesome and they hold up at the track. The 1st set with a full season of autocross events with two clubs and daily driving lasted 10k miles. That is pretty good. At the end of the 2008 season I WON another set!! I now have retired this car from autocross so this set will only have street driving miles. Comparing with the AD048s on my other car, the AD07s are much better for autocross and daily driving. The AD048s do not stick until they get hot (aka track driving).
Hankook Ventus R-S3 - I had to find tires that could survive a high speed road course but still be a good street tire. These seemed to be a good match. Although I was not 7/10th driving the car they held up great and I had no issues during my run sessions (see COTA item below). I can't give much more of a review other than they held up great and hardly look like they are worn at all after the event. I bet these make great street-tire track tires.
M-Contour standard ///M3 wheel ordered on my car
M-Double Spoke 2 standard ///M3 wheel
My ///M3 exactly 2 years later
My ///M3
My ///M3
Pic from the MotorSport Ranch (MSR)
Awesome day of racing at MSR and TMS! - (09/2003)
Random Auto-X pictures from TMS (05/2006). I participate in events from SCCA and ER. Don't worry, after this event a friend hooked me up with some nice magnetic numbers/letters!
Random Auto-X pictures from 2007 season. From
10 years and 2 days after I took delivery of my ///M3
My wife sent me this from her cell with the caption, "Did I park too close?"
Dilemma - your track car is down and the first and possibly only club HPDE event at COTA is 2 weeks away. What do you do? Answer: Pull the 123k mile, 13.5yr old daily driver M3 out of retirement! Race prep? Put on the brake pads I bought in 2003, replace the bald tires and go! We had 4 <30min sessions, I took it easy but it was still a blast and possibly a chance of a lifetime to drive the track! Was also a nice road trip driving the car to Austin from Dallas and back. Since the track was testing how HPDEs would go, we all behaved and hopefully it will lead to future club events.
Front cover of 1999 ///M Family Brochure
Interior shot, including gauge cluster
Interior shot, back seat
Techno Violet (Metallic) Convertible ///M3
Techno Violet (Metallic) Convertible ///M3
BMW Logo and Slogan
Estoril Blue (Metallic) Convertible ///M3
Cornering ///M3
Cornering ///M3
Convertible and Coupe ///M3
Misc Factory Pics of the ///M3
A pic of a 1995 in action from BMW Website
3D Movie of US Spec ///M3 Engine
3D Movie of 4-Door ///M3 Exterior
3D Movie of 4-Door ///M3 Interior
3D Movie of Convertible ///M3 Exterior
3D Movie of Convertible ///M3 Interior
1996 ///M3 Top Speed Test (157.28 MPH) - from Japan, edited from WWW.VTEC.NET
Short vid of ///M3's playing in the water
Me ahem... "drifting" my ///M3 at MSR
BMW Poster - Best Handling Car
One of my favorite ads for the 4 door ///M3
Another cool ///M3 advertisement.
Nice '98 4-door ///M3 with aftermarket rims
Yet another nice '98 4-door ///M3 with aftermarket rims
Nice stock example of a '97 4-door ///M3
3D ///M logo
4 Pics of modified (turbo) 1998 Cosmos Black ///M3
Cut away view of 1995 E36 ///M3
Jonathan Lawson's silver E36 ///M3
Nice black ///M3 4-door
///M3 Badge
BMW advertisement
///M3 Collage - From BMW Website
AC Schnitzer CLS II - modified ///M3
Jim Tappan's stock 96 taking a hard corner at Laguna Seca w/instructor Steve Dinan
Nice stock '96 black ///M3 w/modena leather interior
Interior Shot
Good shot of Bob ///M3's silver '99
1998 Avus Blue ///M3
4 Door ///M3 vs Mercedies C36
Purple ///M3
Nice 1999 Silver ///M3
Nice pic of someone else's silver '99 ///M3
German ///M3 Police car
GTS ///M3 Race Cars (photos by Michael Wendell)
Black modified 1999 ///M3
Pic of 1995 ///M3 from European Car magazine
1996 ///M3 from
Very nice pic of Cosmos colored 1999 ///M3
E30 ///M3 and E36 ///M3
Cosmos 1999 ///M3 carving up streets of Hawaii - From
3 generations of ///M3s
Real nice B&W pic of Ben Beierman's 1996 Hellrot ///M3
///M3 in a photographer's studio - From
'95 ///M3 from Automobile Magazine's Apr 2006 "20 greatest cars" article
Awesome shots of Zoheb Ismaili's 1998 Estoril blue ///M3. Pictures by JDMoto photography
1998 ///M3 postcard
///M3 Transformer - by
Euro E36 ///M3 Dashboard
Nice example of an '95 avis blue ///M3
Hinzm3's modified black on black '99 ///M3


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