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Welcome to Eric and Rachel's 2008 Lotus Exige-S 240 Homepage!

So as I sat, slaving away using Wordpad to create/edit this webpage, I thought to myself, “I am sick of making these car websites all the time.” A little more thought and I quickly realized that I am on a “new-car/website-every-10yrs” (1989, 1999, 2008) plan. What am I complaining about? Each of the cars I dreamed about and saved for long before I finally was able to buy them. Then I adopt another great car by marriage (and, oh yeah, my wife, too). These are the types of problems to have!! Unfortunately, it is not financially wise for us to have such a stable of automobiles; so began the consolidation program. We need to pool our resources and quit racing/modifying three cars – as fun as it is, it is just ridiculous until we win the lottery (aforementioned wife is working on that part). This website is one of the results of that program – a place to display collected pictures and stats about our new focal – the 2008 Exige-S 240.

If you have seen my other websites you may have gathered that my wife and I are both into cars. I came from years of drag racing (in the Mustang), with occasional road courses (in the ///M3 of course). She came from autocrossing (in the STI) but is open to basically any type of racing. The solution? Something we can both use for primarily track days and autocross – enter The Exige.

Now, how do I describe what it is like driving an Exige? How about taking a go-kart, adding 240 hp, a radio, an extra seat, a roof, and air conditioning! I mean, my ///M3 is a great-handling car, but the Exige has totally re-set the bar. It is a purpose-built machine with only one thing in mind – making sure your butt is totally in tune with what the car is doing.

If you want to learn a little about the 2008 Exige-S 240 please check out the buttons at the top of the page. You will see all of the factory information, the modifications we made (a little more horsepower never hurt anyone, right?), pictures, and my favorite pictures that I have collected from around the web. Finally, click “our other cars” to view our current and previous automobiles (minus some beaters of course - after all I don't use my 505rwhp Mustang as a daily driver... ahem.. anymore).

Have fun!

Venues that we often attend (listed in order of frequency) -
· Track Days - MSR-C - 1.7CCW, 3.1CCW, 1.7CW. ECR - 2.5CCW (original), 2.7CCW (New 2019). TWS - 2.9CCW, 2.9CW. Hallet - 1.8CCW, 1.8CW. MSR-H - 2.38CCW, 2.38 CW. H2R - 1.8CW. COTA - 3.427CCW. NOLA - North1.9CW.
· Autocross SCCA or ER Solo - HEB parking lot, TMS bus parking lot, TMS infield, Mineral Wells Airport, Lone Star Park parking lot, Dallas Raceway parking lot.

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