Welcome to Rachel's 2005 Subaru WRX STi site, aka the FEI-STI site!

Well, I have not created a new car website since 1999 but I could resist no longer. I finally found a free template and dusted off Microsoft Notepad. Rachel and I met in November of 2005. By December of 2006 I asked her to marry me. Not only did I find the love of my life but she races cars, now how could I ever beat that!?! When I met her she had a white '90 Mustang GT convertible w/license plate BRB-CAR (Barbie Car) and had this silver STi w/license plate FEI-STI (feisty). They match pretty well with my black '89 Mustang LX and silver BMW ///M3 huh? Well, we thought so!

Rachel is into almost any kind of motorsport, she auto crosses regularly with the Texas SCCA and ER clubs and did not bat an eye when I asked if she wanted to take some laps at MSR or climb into 70mph go-karts. Well, I hope you enjoy her site, check out the pictures of FEI-STI and links to my (soon to be our) other cars.

Update: We were married in late 2007, in mid 2008 we kicked off a 'consolidation program' and sold the STI. It was a great car and it was hard to let it go. The plan is to retire the ///M3 from racing and buy a new car for both of us to race.

Words from Rachel

This website is so cool! I may not win all of life's races, but I am by far the luckiest girl in the world!

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